Why do I love street art?

Because it lures me to corners of the city where I wouldn’t necessarily have gone if it weren’t for the possibility of finding something special. It excites me, reminding me of the scavenger hunts I loved as a child. Street art brings me to the present, forcing me to notice the  surroundings where others have been before. It inspires me, seeing how others have boldly chosen to express themselves and share their voice with the world, and it challenges me to pursue my artistic interests.

Because it’s fleeting – one day the art’s there, the next it might be gone. Street art has a message, a perspective. It’s in your face…or subtle, hidden…thought-provoking…or blatantly simple. It’s tangible, and it connects across the globe a creative energy that pulsates and thrives outside the pristine walls of a “do not touch” museum. There are no guards standing by the wheatpaste plastered on the street corner, telling me to stand at least two feet from the art. Or charging me ten bucks to take a look.

Because it makes me stop and smile. And think. Which is something I think more people across the world should be doing in their daily lives.


1 thought on “Street

  1. This is a GREAT collection of photos. I stumbled upon this page while doing research for a design I am doing. You really helped me out. Keep on documenting. I am writing down this page for sure.

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